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At Equine Education Institute, we strive to develop 'horse-people' rather just 'riders'


We care about your progress and honestly want to see you having fun, learning a skill and enjoying yourself. If you’re one of the many that choose to stay with us long term, we’re sure that you’ll love our unique training methods that introduce you to a variety of horses and allow you to learn classic horsemanship.


All of our horses are all treated as individual animals rather than just cogs in a riding school machine


The demands for improved animal welfare and safety are constantly increasing. Outdated teaching methods can be very punishing on the horses, which leaves horse lovers feeling uncomfortable and unfulfilled. 

The ever-evolving knowledge about how horses think, feel and learn, through the field of Equitation Science highlights some downfalls of traditional tuition.


We offer a choice to people who want to enjoy their hobby without it being at the expense of the horse's welfare. We provide a safer, supportive environment for people to progress and feel happy that they are working together with the horse. We will help you understand how to communicate with the horses kindly and effectively, so you can enjoy your hobby and succeed in your riding, handling or horsemanship.


We cater for all ages, from beginners to advanced riders


Our clients are highly valued and we strive to work with you to develop your individual goals, and set in place the steps to achieve your goals safely and with confidence. Our focus is on the foundations of skill and knowledge, for if these are skipped in favour of simply achieving a faster pace or a higher jump as indicators of progression, then near misses and falls increase and confidence gets knocked as safety diminishes.



At EEI you'll receive outstanding instruction and personal attention, allowing you to learn at a pace you are comfortable with

Business Owner/Operator

Katie has trained to FEI level dressage and has over twenty years' experience working with horses of various breeds, temperaments, and levels of education.


Having taught Nationally Recognised Equine Courses and having studied Equine Nutrition, Katie can provide her clients with advice in all areas of horse care and nutrition.


A Human Resources degree, Trainer and Assessor Qualification as well as education in Educational Psychology and NLP gives Katie the expertise to assist students to grow and develop on their chosen Equestrian path.


Previous education and work in Sports Massage Therapy provide Katie with a good understanding of anatomy and muscle function which she uses to guide the rider in developing position and feel.


In her nineteen years as a coach, Katie has worked in high profile Equestrian Centre's and has taught at numerous Pony and Riding Clubs throughout Queensland and Victoria.

Katie has a kind and sensitive approach to horse and rider training.

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